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It’s my favorite place to go work out! The workouts are intense but you can have your own pace based on your condition on that day. Damien is pushy and always asks us to do a little more but he also has modifications for individuals if we somehow can’t do regular push-ups and whatever due to some physical pains or injuries. The environment and people going there are awesome. I always laugh during the class and that makes an hour intense workout go faster than regular workouts at a gym. It focuses on small group trainings and Damien definitely helps each of us improve in every way including diets and nutrients. So, this is not just another big gym that you come work out and leave. You get to share your opinions, experiences, and whatever before and after class with members and Damien. We set our own goals and Damien always tries hard to help us complete them. Honestly, working out here 4 times a week is my best stress reliever!

Hui Chen Swartzentruber

If you're looking for a trainer to challenge you, have fun with, learn tons of new skills, encourage you, and build confidence, Damien is the BEST! I have been doing personal training with him for several months and have learned SO much. He's extremely versatile and is great at making adjustments to meet your needs/what you want to learn. He has so much good energy and pushes me to do my best every time. With personal training, I get to focus on the skills that I want, while continually learning new things. I am so much more confident than before. It's always exciting and fun! His regular classes are also great and you will get the best work out! He's also great at making personalized adjustments for different fitness levels so anyone can join! If I could give this more than 5 stars, I would. 100% recommend!!!

Sarah Hammond

I would highly recommend checking out a group class or booking a personal training session. I have been attending both for a couple of months and love it! Damien is very knowledgeable and has a vast skill set. You can get a workout tailored to your needs. Damien is an excellent and motivating instructor. Can not recommend more.

Jennifer Williams

Damien is a fantast trainer. He knows how to break down the movements so you fully understand it and prevent injuries. He is very high energy and makes the classes a lot of fun. He's great for someone who has never taken a class before to the elite athlete. Highly recommend!!!

Libby Powell

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