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Inspire Yourself

Everyone knows that fitness is good for you. But at Velocity Fitness and Training, we make it fun — You'll be a part of a community that is full of motivation. Whether you’re new or a seasoned veteran, we’ve got what you need to stay healthy, feel great, and hit your goals!


Our doors opened in 2021 for anyone to come and join in on the fitness fun. We want you to leave feeling better than ever. The head instructor/owner has 10+ years of experience and is certified through the International Sports Science Association. 

We believe in using Martial Arts for Fitness! 

Locally owned and operated.

We pride ourselves on being more than a gym. We create a community and engage in multiple activities throughout the year, including:

Fun Runs


Fitness Retreats

Bike Rides

Fitness Challenges



About Damien

 Damien has been practicing martial arts for over 15+ years. He began when he was 15 years old with Kung Fu, at a little place in Evansville Indiana. From there he went on to learn karate and boxing. His path took him to college where he learned MMA and began training fighters. 

Peace Corps

He served 2 years in the peace corps in Albania, where he began practicing Judo.

He spent time in Japan where he practiced Aikido.

He finally made his way to China to live with A Shaolin monk. He took his tests and became certified in Shaolin Kung Fu as well as Tai Chi. 

International Sports Science Association Certifications:


Corrective Exercise

Strength and Conditioning 



Master Trainer

About: About
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