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Internship Program

Assistant Instructor Internship Program

Velocity Fitness focuses on martial arts for fitness. We offer a primary focus on cardio kickboxing classes to people of all ages. Our classes are small to allow for more individual attention. We also offer a wide array of other classes, such as Kung-Fu, Tai Chi, and MMA. We train beginners and athletes. Some of our MMA members compete at an amateur and professional level. Our goal is to foster a community of fitness, support, and friendship. We have as much time laughing as we do sweating our butts off. 


We allow for up-and-coming instructors to rent space for specialty classes and also host Self-defense seminars. We operate as a martial arts retailer as well. 


We are looking for someone who wants experience in assisting with group fitness and social media marketing. The position will assist during classes and potentially lead a class if the interest is there. There are opportunities to create your own class or a fitness-focused event. We launch several community events throughout the year, from picnics to fun runs. There is always the opportunity for other ideas too. 


This would be great for anyone wanting to see what it's like working in group fitness, running a small business, exploring social media marketing, or event planning. 

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